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I’m Niki Weston Finkbeiner, a 33-year-old originally from Davison, MI. My life has taken some unexpected turns, leading me on a fascinating career journey!

After graduating from the University of Michigan Flint with a degree in Clinical Psychology in 2012, I embarked on a fulfilling career practicing behavioral therapy. For seven years, I dedicated myself to helping individuals overcome challenges and learn how to navigate a world that wasn’t quite built for them. It was a rewarding experience, but I knew it was not something that I could turn into a life-long career.

Simeaultaneously, my in laws were also in a career transition. One night, they took me out to dinner and invited me to join them in their new company: Reserved Seating Upholstery. Eager for a fresh challenge and the chance to explore my creative side, I wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity.

For four years, I worked closely with my in-laws, immersing myself in the world of upholstery. Together, we developed a thriving business, and I honed my skills in this craft. The experience taught me the intricacies of the trade, from selecting materials to perfecting the art of upholstery.

In 2021, feeling a sense of growth and independence, I took the leap and opened my own business. Specializing in marine and commercial upholstery, I focused on delivering tailored and high-quality solutions to my clients. It’s incredibly fulfilling to combine my background in psychology with my newfound expertise in upholstery, providing comfort and aesthetics to various industries.

Outside of work, I cherish my personal pursuits and connections. Music festivals are a passion of mine, where I can immerse myself in the vibrant atmosphere and let the music energize my soul. Nature serves as my sanctuary, and I find solace in hiking, camping, and exploring the outdoors. My dog is my constant companion, adding an extra layer of joy to my adventures. And of course, I value the time spent with my loved ones—friends and family—who bring warmth, laughter, and support to my life.

My journey has been one of self-discovery, blending psychology and upholstery into a unique path. I strive to make a positive impact through my work, utilizing my skills to create beautiful and functional spaces. Life’s twists and turns have brought me here, and I embrace the opportunities that come my way, always seeking personal growth and new avenues to express my creativity.

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